Photo & Picture Pendants: Personalized Gold & Sterling Silver Pendants
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3 Steps: Search, Shop and Send

One: Search

  • Our customers tell us that creating their photo pendant is almost as fun as owning one! That's because they are so involved in the steps and often this evokes such vivid and wonderful memories.
  • Make sure to provide us with a good quality photo. The size or type (whether it is color or black and white) of your photo is not important; its clarity and quality are. A good quality and clear photo will make an amazing pendant that you will enjoy forever! For no additional charge, you can also order your pendant in black and white or a hologram look, even if you provide us with a color photo.
  • Don't feel limited to a photo that shows only the person’s face. If you find a great group shot that contains the face of your loved one that would be perfect for the photo pendant, let us know and we’ll crop the picture so that it only shows the person’s face that you want on the pendant.
  • Want to put several faces on a pendant, but don't have them all in the same picture? That's not a problem! can bring together parts of several photos to create a grouping on one pendant. will set them up skillfully on the pendant.

  • Want to select one or more faces from a group picture? That's not a problem either! Just indicate which faces you want on the pendant and will set them up skillfully on the pendant.

Two: Shop

  • Select the shape you like best. You can choose a Heart, Diamond, Square, Round, or Oval shaped pendant. Choose between Rope, Frame, or Cut-Out Name Photo Pendants. We can even Custom-Cut and customize your pendant the way you like it! Use your imagination!

  • We can even produce any specific shape or size pendant, yellow or white gold, 14k, 18k, or 21k gold, sterling silver, color, black and white, or laser hologram look. Just provide us with your specific instructions in the “special request” box. will promptly provide you with a reasonable quote for your special request. There is no additional cost for color, black and white, or laser hologram finish.
  • Choose between white and yellow gold in 14K, 18K or our luxurious 21K photo pendants! Sterling silver is available also. We can even accommodate special orders!
  • We can also produce two-sided pendants, one or more faces on the front and back of the pendant (there is a small additional charge of $20 for this).

Three: Send – Make your selection and send us your photo(s)
You can email or mail your photo(s) to us. It is so easy!
Once we have received payment and your photo, we get to work. We select the finest grades of gold (nothing less than 14K) and we use our system to carefully design and create your treasured gold photo pendant. Each one is made with the care and attention to detail that we are known for.
Then we send it back to you, along with your photo (which is in original condition), and our guarantee: We unconditionally guarantee that your photo pendant will never tarnish, discolor, fade or alter in any way; it is beautifully and permanently etched.



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Lifetime Guarantee: unconditionally guarantees that your
pendant will never tarnish, discolor, fade or alter in any way.

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